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30. lokak. 2005 @ 01:55 Garretteers, assemble!

This is the Anime Central 2006 trip planning thread! http://www.acen.org/

It will take place Friday through Sunday May 6th-7th, 2006. I will be travelling the day before and after hopefully by way of the Garretteermobile 2. Anyone who wishes to come with will require May 5th-8th (Thursday-Monday) off and a couple hundred dollars.

I will be _charging_ anyone who rides with me $30 for gas, which would still leave me with the fair portion of the bill unless we have a car big enough to hold more than four passengers and they come. Any additional contributation will, of course, be appreciated. Expect an eighteen hour trip, counting stops, provided a second person can help me drive the Garretteermobile 2. Without a Garretteermobile, a round train trip might cost $100-$200 and 18 hours of your life _each way_, while a round plane trip might cost $200-$400 and 2 hours each way.

FURTHERMORE, all attendees will require a place to sleep. If I go alone I will pay for my share of an MZDM room, but with a Garretteer room you will have to cough up $100-$200 to help out for four nights, pending on how many people come.

Convention admission for the entirety might be like $30-$50, the sooner you register the cheaper. See site for details.

Additional money will be needed for food and merchandise. Plan on being inspired to buy something, it will happen.

Bring a couple chages of clothes, whatever lil things you need to keep your armpits nice, and anything you want to entertain you during the car ride.

Garretteers aside, I will be spending most of my time with various MZDM friends, which does not require the Garretteers to detatch themselves from my hip.
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24. lokak. 2005 @ 13:40 Oswego branch?
Hey, Mistress Elle here. I know not many of you know me...especially with my recent (I'll call in an "exile") to Oswego, NY.

Just a question of opinion, if I should be starting a new branch out here? Let me know.
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run away
17. lokak. 2005 @ 16:11 (ei otsikkoa)
GARRETTEERS! I am proud to announce we now have over one hundred initiated members! The population as of this post is 102. The lucky 100th member is Buddy from the HVCC Division, initiated by MMMMM, who has been bestowed special privilege for initiation in HVCC. He was assisted by Sean and Squishy. The event was such that it drew a crowd to the circle and resulted in two more initiations from an original plan of three including Beth the Cheetah Girl and Megan the Magnificent. Trevor Forever and Monica aka Veronica are also welcome to our empire of EBIL. =D
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6. lokak. 2005 @ 22:30 (ei otsikkoa)
First, apologies to the newest members of the HVCC division who had to endure Sean's initiation. I should have ammended my endowment of HVCC initiation powers to MMMMM with "you can't pass this power on."

But not to fear, for we shall meet and all shall be swell.

And I would like to thank Megan for Magnificent for our newest community icon from the Garrettcopter. You, ma'am, get ten merit points. =D

In other news, if any of you aren't reading my LiveJournal, the Garretteermobile is no more. Most of the story is here http://www.livejournal.com/users/pilgrim_shadow/15985.html and here http://www.livejournal.com/users/pilgrim_shadow/16710.html#cutid1

Master of Ceremonies OUT.
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11. syysk. 2005 @ 14:49 (ei otsikkoa)
I've switched moderatorship over to this account.
We currently have 76 initiated members.
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9. syysk. 2005 @ 16:03 (ei otsikkoa)
Regional branches have been added to the division list. http://www.livejournal.com/community/garretteers/671.html
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6. elok. 2005 @ 12:12 (ei otsikkoa)
New division: The Moakateers. Details at the bottom of the division list. http://www.livejournal.com/community/garretteers/671.html
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3. elok. 2005 @ 02:31 (ei otsikkoa)
We now have a layout. Check it out. The language is Finnish, by the way.
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27. elok. 2005 @ 01:02 (ei otsikkoa)
To be initiated into the RIF division, you must first be a member of the RAF division. The RAF member comes to me and I present it with the Three Trials of Knowledge, Fortune and Truth. These Trials must be administered by myself in person, and each trial may be attempted only once per day. Once a trial is overcome, the initiate will not have to repeat that trial. When all three trials are overcome, the initiate must take the Final Oath of the Kiwi and will become a a member of the Rather Interesting Figures.

For information on the RIF and RAF divisions, see the additions I made to the post detailing the divisions of the Garretteers. http://www.livejournal.com/community/garretteers/671.html
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25. heinäk. 2005 @ 16:40 Garretteers, assemble!

I am now finalizing the date for the Washington D.C. trip. You will require three days off and any amount of money you can spare will be essential to our success.

The date will be any three days in a row from August 23rd-29th. Tell me if you will be unavailable to get any of those days off! When I have everyone's confirmations back, I will request three days off from work and announce the dates within hours, and I will contact everyone to have them schedule those dates off ASAP.
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